30 Nov 2021

Young Boxer chills out before Team GB fight

Seventeen year old Ayrshire lad Liam is representing Britain at the upcoming IFMA Muay Thai World Championships in Thailand with the support of local business Aesthetics Ayrshire. Liam Donnelly is participating in the World’s most prestigious World Championship Tournament in Muay Thai, a tournament which has been directly responsible for seeing Muay Thai recognised as an Olympic sport.

Due to the COVID pandemic the tournament was postponed last year and young Liam was devasted to not be able to represent his country, however with recent changes in restrictions the World Championships are back this December. Liam whose family is from Ayrshire wrote to local businesses sharing his achievements including being five times World Champion, WBC Under 18 Champion, twice Scottish Champion as well as having won twelve other champion titles.

Jillian Bradford Clinic Manager says “When we heard about Liam’s impressive record and the opportunity he had to represent GB in Thailand we were delighted to help. Our Cryo Chamber is popular with many professional athletes and amateurs alike, it was great to let Liam experience the Chamber and sponsor him financially too”.

Super fit Liam took a deep chill in the Aesthetics Clinic’s Cryo Chamber as part of his preparation for the World Championships to experience all the benefits including supporting muscle repair, improving energy levels and helping with any aches or pains from training.

Liam, after experiencing the Cryo Therapy said “That was amazing, I can feel the difference already! I’m so proud to have been selected to compete in the IFMA World Championship and hope I do everyone proud. The support from the local community including companies like Aesthetics Ayrshire has been truly amazing”.

You can keep up to date with Liam’s IFMA World Championship journey by following his Instagram account, whilst learning more about the benefits of Cryo Therapy at www.aestheticsayrshire.com or calling the team on 01292 288701